A Discussion of Rotational Resistance & Traction in Artificial Turf: Part 1

Photos by FIFA Quality Handbook

Research Shows Wood Infill is Safer For Athletes and Artificial Fields

Wood products have countless uses in our modern world. From furniture and flooring, to children’s toys and paper products, you are likely never more than an arm’s reach away from something made of wood. Wood is durable, renewable, and affordable, making it an excellent material for a wide range of […]

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California Dreaming – How Verde Design and the City of San Francisco Won Over Environmentalists with Brock

Photo by Verde Design.


In 2002, members of the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department kicked off a project with Verde Design, Inc. to install artificial turf in parks and athletic fields throughout the city and county. Although it quickly became clear that artificial turf provided numerous benefits over […]

Looking back and giving thanks – a letter from Dan Sawyer, CEO

Brock USA is celebrating our 20-year anniversary! Looking back over the past two decades we have a lot to be thankful for. When we started with the vision of making sports fields safer for athletes, we were initially met with skepticism and doubt. Infilled artificial turf was a burgeoning technology […]

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An Even Playing Field for Women in Sports

International Women’s Day commemorates the movement for equality and women’s rights and the movement transcends to the sports field as well. The discussions surrounding women in sports have demonstrated the inequality between the genders in more ways than you may think. Concussions have become a hot topic in the […]

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Chief’s QB Suffers Concussion from Head-to-Turf Collision

Last week’s NFL game play had serious repercussions for the Kansas City Chiefs when their starting quarterback, Alex Smith, and running back, Spencer Ware, were both lost to concussion injuries. Smith’s collision with the turf is yet another reminder of how critical it is to bring the playing surface into the concussion […]

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Simmons College $13.5 Million Daly Fields Renovation Completed

The Brighton High School football team lost their home turf, Daly Field, in the late 1980s due to major disrepair and deterioration. The team has bounced from field to field ever since. The Bengals have a strong history, winning championships nearly every season. Despite their success, the team held practices […]

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Ohio Bill Removes Students Immediately From Play When Concussion Symptoms Detected

Beginning with the 2013 spring sports season, young athletes in Ohio will have to immediately be removed from a game or practice when they show symptoms of a concussion. As reported by The Columbus Dispatch, the state senate unanimously approved the concussion legislation, House Bill 143, […]

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