“Growing up in the magnificent landscapes of Colorado, I developed a deep and enduring love for nature. The majesty of the Rocky Mountains, the sprawling plains, and the breathtaking forests instilled in me an appreciation for the outdoors that has profoundly shaped my perspective and priorities.”

– Dan Sawyer, Founder and CEO

Sustainability Matters

This affection for the environment is not merely aesthetic or recreational. It is a profound respect for the interconnected web of life that our natural ecosystems represent, a reverence for the delicate balance that allows such diverse and spectacular life to thrive.

Protect our planet

It’s impossible to ignore the destructive impacts of climate change that threaten the beauty and balance of these ecosystems. This growing concern has fueled our desire to make a difference, particularly in the sports field industry, an area we are all passionate about. We are committed to developing innovative products that utilize organic, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials. By doing so, we can reduce our environmental footprint, foster more sustainable practices, and hopefully inspire other industries to follow suit. As a team of people who appreciate the natural world, we all share a personal and professional responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

How are we sustainable?

There is a big difference between recycling and down-cycling. At the end of the day, unless a product could be reused repeatedly without losing its original quality and performance, it does not meet Brock’s standards. Sure, some products claim that they are diverting materials from a landfill, but a closer look exposes they are simply delaying this inevitable and wasteful outcome. When it comes time to replace these materials, it’s not financially viable to further down cycle them, so their destiny is thrown away.

The problem is, on our tiny planet, there is no “away.”

We are truly helping the planet

BrockFILL sequesters or captures CO2 from the air. The carbon that’s been sequestered in BrockFILL doesn’t simply re-enter the atmosphere when it decomposes. Proper composting strategies carefully manage inputs to ensure that the carbon captured by the BrockFILL enters the soil as it decomposes, meaning the benefits of BrockFILL extend even beyond the field!

We stand behind our products

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. These products provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products.

When we say we recycle we mean it

We’re proud to be the FIRST company in the artificial turf world to have attained a Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Certification on our PowerBase product lines. In addition, BrockFILL has been Cradle-to-Cradle Certified since 2021.

We practice what we preach

At a time when concern for our planet has never been higher, Brock has recently launched our C2Zero Program, with the goal of becoming a net-zero carbon company as fast as possible.

Finally, a true replacement for crumb rubber infill.

Watch Now

It’s critically important for the artificial turf industry to solve its end-of-life problem because throwing the system in a landfill or allowing crumb rubber microplastic to pollute our waterways is NOT OK. BrockFILL is a 100% organic infill with no coatings or additives.

We don’t make turf. We make turf safer.