A Discussion of Rotational Resistance & Traction in Artificial Turf: Part 1

Photos by FIFA Quality Handbook

A Discussion of Rotational Resistance & Traction in Artificial Turf: Part 2

Photos by UT Center for athletic field safety. Video by FieldTurf

BrockFILL Durability – Why Wood is Good!

Trees are some of the most steadfast natural structures globally; owing to their particularly strong and durable cell walls, they can withstand extraordinary stresses in the natural environment. This characteristic makes wood a natural choice for so many current applications and for the development of BrockFILL. There aren’t any additives […]

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Research Shows Wood Infill is Safer For Athletes and Artificial Fields

Wood products have countless uses in our modern world. From furniture and flooring, to children’s toys and paper products, you are likely never more than an arm’s reach away from something made of wood. Wood is durable, renewable, and affordable, making it an excellent material for a wide range of […]

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Independent Analysis of Brock ShockPads on GMax and Vertical Deformation

There are over 12,000 artificial turf infilled systems in the United States, and more are installed every year. Synthetic sports fields are used as a substitute when natural grass is not an option. Artificial turfs provide several advantages, notably the durability to be used year-round, and play in heavy precipitation […]

Researching Expansive Force & Friction for Artificial Turf Fields

To design and install an artificial turf field successfully it’s important to understand how different materials behave under temperature and climatic changes. Many companies have varying installation practices so we studied the forces at work in artificial turf, and how those forces translate to edge details and the interface with […]

Lower Extremity Injuries in Turf with Shock Pads Study: Results are in!

A new independent research project at the University of TN Center for Biomechanics used live athletes to determine if the use of a shock pad (Brock PowerBase/YSR) under artificial turf changed the ground forces and the way the athletes’ bodies responded to those forces during various athletic movements when compared […]

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Shock Pads and Lower Extremity Injuries: UT Force Plate Research

Conventional wisdom indicates that a sports surface with too much vertical deformation (softness) may result in an increase in injuries to knees and ankles. In fact, the NFL is as concerned with soft tissue injuries that can end a career as they are with concussions.

As part of Brock’s ongoing research […]

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