Movement slowed for illustration purposes.

“The Brain Savings Account is the best analogy I’ve seen yet to help us conceptualize an athlete’s risk of developing CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).”

– Dr Chris Nowinski

3 Points of Safety

When your athletes take the field you want to make sure they’re playing in the safest environment possible. That’s why we’ve identified the three primary points of safety that every field owner, parent, and coach should know before selecting their new field.

Learn what role your sport field plays


By using the various standardized tests, we can now create an artificial surface as close to natural as ever before.

Not all surfaces meet the standards

The green areas designate the desired performance ranges of quality natural turf. The spokes indicate the performance results of the artificial turf field systems described in the center. When a field falls outside the desired parameters for natural turf, the spoke lights up red. Below is an example of test results from a traditional sand rubber field over stone indicating certain results in compliance and others results that indicate a shortfall in impact safety when compared to a quality natural or quality synthetic surface.