The Miracle League of the Okefenokee’s “Field of Dreams” becomes a reality

A dream of almost 20 years became a reality in early 2023 when The Miracle League of the Okefenokee’s “Field of Dreams” opened for play. The Miracle League provides an inclusive environment where children with disabilities can play baseball on a safe and accessible field, accommodating wheelchairs and other assistive […]

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Photo Collage: Brock USA X SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay Make-A-Wish Come True!

Brock USA in partnership with SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay recently had the opportunity to make a big change in one young individual’s life. Rohan is part of the Make-A-Wish program in the United States and his one wish was to have a turf backyard that he could walk on without falling. […]

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Brock’s Scott Powers earns the prestigious “Corky” Kell Award

Brock’s own Scott Powers was recently honored with the Carlton “Corky” Kell Award at the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association’s 83rd Annual Awards and 21st Hall of Fame Banquet in Dalton, Georgia. Scott joined an exclusive list that includes Coach Dave Hunter, Craig Hartman (Neff Company), Tommy Palmer (Palmer Communications), Pete […]

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Prepare to Cheer: Kansas City’s new 10-field sports complex revealed!

Paragon Star unveils their visionary work led by developers Flip Short and Bill Brown, president of Spectrum Strategies and Paragon’s coordinator. The development, which partners Brock USA, a leader in artificial turf components focused on athlete and environment safety, and Paragon Star Sports Complex, is a 10-field artificial turf […]
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East Providence High Receives an A+

“But, schools don’t get graded.”

In an institution heavy on graded learning, indeed, they haven’t received grades. Until now! East Providence High School in Rhode Island has shown excellent research skills, top critical thinking, and brilliant decision making this school the valedictorian of high schools. This year, East Providence High has […]

The Evolution of Value Engineering

Value engineering a term we hear too often in the industry.  What was once a systematic method for evaluating function and cost is now a way to cut costs and pocket said savings. But this wasn’t what value engineering was intended for.


Value engineering (VE) is a systematic method to improve […]

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NFLPA President JC Tretter: Artificial turf is causing surge in injuries

Sports and Risk

It’s what makes the game exciting. With risk comes the thrill of an ever-growing passion and fanaticism towards the game. It’s the excitement that keeps you on the edge of your seat or encourages a standing shout at your TV as if you were on the 50-yard […]

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Brock’s Carbon Zero Program

This will be a company-wide effort and will analyze everything from how we dispose of a coffee cup, to waste streams, air travel, factory operations, and every area where we can find improvement. Some of these things may drive up our internal costs. However, […]

Artificial Turf & The War on Microplastics: A Call To Action

Alongside global climate change, plastic pollution has surged into our popular consciousness as one of the most significant environmental issues of our time. Bags and bottles are laying waste to some of the world’s most cherished beaches, reefs, and riverways; while microplastics threaten the health of people and animals around […]

Research Shows Wood Infill is Safer For Athletes and Artificial Fields

Wood products have countless uses in our modern world. From furniture and flooring, to children’s toys and paper products, you are likely never more than an arm’s reach away from something made of wood. Wood is durable, renewable, and affordable, making it an excellent material for a wide range of […]

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