Prepare to Cheer: Kansas City’s new 10-field sports complex revealed!

Paragon Star unveils their visionary work led by developers Flip Short and Bill Brown, president of Spectrum Strategies and Paragon’s coordinator. The development, which partners Brock USA, a leader in artificial turf components focused on athlete and environment safety, and Paragon Star Sports Complex, is a 10-field artificial turf […]
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East Providence High Receives an A+

“But, schools don’t get graded.”

In an institution heavy on graded learning, indeed, they haven’t received grades. Until now! East Providence High School in Rhode Island has shown excellent research skills, top critical thinking, and brilliant decision making this school the valedictorian of high schools. This year, East Providence High has […]

BrockFILL Durability – Why Wood is Good!

Trees are some of the most steadfast natural structures globally; owing to their particularly strong and durable cell walls, they can withstand extraordinary stresses in the natural environment. This characteristic makes wood a natural choice for so many current applications and for the development of BrockFILL. There aren’t any additives […]

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BrockFILL in Georgia – Macon-Bibb using ‘latest and greatest technology’

The student-athletes in Bibb County will see the “latest and greatest technology” to hit the artificial turf market when the gates open at the Ed Defoe Sports Complex later this year.

“We chose the turf, but what we did with that was we put a pad underneath there,” Athletic Director Barney […]

Research Shows Wood Infill is Safer For Athletes and Artificial Fields

Wood products have countless uses in our modern world. From furniture and flooring, to children’s toys and paper products, you are likely never more than an arm’s reach away from something made of wood. Wood is durable, renewable, and affordable, making it an excellent material for a wide range of […]

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Bibb County High School Student-Athletes and Coaches Eager to replace old field

The Ed DeFore Sports Complex, used by 12 Georgia High Schools, is getting a big upgrade going into the new year. The old muddy field is being replaced with an artificial turf featuring Brock PowerBase/YSR. This investment helps the school better instill a sense of pride in their student […]

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