A great artificial turf field should mimic a great natural one

Brock PowerBase/PRO

Our shock pads are highly engineered in shape, thickness, and density to provide a consistent, firm surface for running (which elite athletes demand), but a forgiving surface during falls and tackles. This unique quality is why Brock PowerBase/PRO is the premier manufactured shock pad technology installed at the pro and collegiate levels.

The right balance of stiffness and softness

An elite athlete’s brain and body are of paramount importance for their health and career. Every detail of Brock PowerBase/PRO is engineered for elite level athletes.

Top view features:

Smart – A stairstep edge supports the artificial turf and prevents gaps from shadowing on the field.

Responsive – Conical piston shape reacts dynamically to variable running loads for a more natural feel of play.

Dynamic – 6 mm crush ribs regulate thermal expansion; Accommodates 130-degree F change in temperature.

Permeable – Millions of drain holes on every field line up with channels on the bottom of each pad.

Bottom view features:

Smart – Continuous water flow between panels.

Consistent – Clean smooth drain channels move water effectively off the field.

Precise – Controlled tolerance for easy installation.

Effective – Bidirectional drainage channels transmit water to the nearest collector.

An impact with PowerBase/PRO produces a dynamic response closely resembling natural sports turf. The load-deflection curve shown here illustrates the similarity between the response and recovery of the PowerBase/PRO (blue) as compared to natural turf (green). Underlayments with polyethylene foam (gray) and rubber (orange) produce a deflection curve very different from natural turf, which results in an unnatural response to athletic impact force.

The Surface for Athletes

Achieving the proper performance levels for Impacts, Heat and Traction in a quality artificial turf defines the modern sports surface design.

Through the application of multiple standardized tests, we’re now capable of creating an artificial surface that closely mirrors natural turf like never before. The areas highlighted in green represent the performance parameters of premium natural turf. The radiating lines illustrate the performance outcomes of the artificial turf field systems described at the center. Typical turf pile can vary between 1.5”-2.0” and ideal performance ranges will still be achieved.

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Specifications and more details

  1. REPLACING AN OLD, HARD SYNTHETIC TURF FIELD where your athletes are predominantly over 250 lbs. Many NCAA schools choose PRO to give their athletes the optimal stiffness, speed, and safety. Also installed in many NFL practice facilities. Contact Brock USA for a list of references.
  2. Building a new artificial turf field at the elite level.

What makes it different than PowerBase/YSR?
PowerBase/PRO is specifically engineered for larger athletes (professional and college-level football players). We studied the scaling principle and realized that professional and top collegiate football players produced forces much greater than youth athletes, and therefore needed a surface engineered specifically for them. We were able to manufacture a denser and firmer product than PowerBase/YSR, so it can remain firm to run on while still absorbing the forces of these larger athletes.

What’s it made out of -it looks like Styrofoam?
All our Brock shock pads are made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP is an extremely durable product that gives our shock pads the perfect balance of safety, durability, and performance. The only thing that negatively affects EPP is long exposure to UV, and since it’s buried under your turf, it’s never exposed to the sun.

Does it drain?
Yes, PowerBase PRO actually has more and larger perforations than the synthetic turf that sits on top. It can handle all the water that drains through the turf, and it can get rid of it quicker. Independent testing shows that PowerBase PRO drains at over 500”/hour!

Can you drive on it?
Yes, our PowerBase PRO Warranty allows for load limits that far exceed most turf manufacturer load limits. Additionally, as long as you protect the field with a rigid field protection system, you can host other events, such as concerts and graduations.

How does it handle expansion and contraction in hot/cold climates?
Every PowerBase PRO panel is engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of all climates. Each panel has expansion crush ribs built in to absorb the force of expansion of the panels. Because it is made of one material, we know exactly how much it will expand and contract in the most extreme weather conditions, which is factored into the manufacturing of each panel.

25 year warranty for durability, Gmax guarantee <120 for life of the field. Contact Brock USA for a copy of the warranty.

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