All parents want their kids to be safe. And so do we. Which is why Brock created a shock absorbing layer for the crazy things kids do.


Outside play is critical in a child’s development. It builds strength, coordination, self-confidence and most importantly it’s FUN! Playground equipment has come a long way, and now so has the surface it relies upon. PowerBase/PLAY by Brock is the only complete base system that has been designed and engineered specifically for artificial turf playgrounds and the kids who play on them.

Quality that every playground needs

Each patented feature of the PowerBase/PLAY panel optimizes function for safety, drainage, turf stability and precision. Most importantly, the system provides unparalleled impact safety that lasts. PowerBase/PLAY is produced from 100% pure high-grade expanded polypropylene. This non-toxic and highly durable material will not decay or degrade. PowerBase/PLAY is resistant to bacteria, fungi, and chemicals, is 100% recyclable and complies with the most stringent environmental standards.

Top view features:

Consistent – The overlapping design ensures a consistent surface.

Precise – Uniform surface under the turf.

Smart – Mechanical indexing is molded in each panel.

Porous – Millions of drain holes.

Bottom view features:

Responsive – Millions of cushioning hexagons.

Reliable – Deep drain channels for fast water evacuation.

Dynamic – Panel indexing makes installation easy.

Safer – Graded hexagons keep the surface stiff while improving Critical Fall Height.

A great playground is one that is safe on day 1, and in year 8.

The system is comprised of a quality artificial turf, infill and the PowerBase/PLAY shock pad. A system that can outlast poured in place surfaces by 2-3X!

Specifications and more details

Use PowerBase/PLAY for playgrounds where you need to meet a critical fall height up to 8’.

What’s it made out of -It looks like Styrofoam?
All our Brock shock pads are made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP is an extremely durable product that gives our shock pads the perfect balance of safety, durability, and performance. The only thing that negatively affects EPP is long exposure to UV, and since it’s buried under your turf, it’s never exposed to the sun.

Does it drain?
Yes, PowerBase/PLAY actually has more perforations than the synthetic turf that sits on top of it. It can handle all the water that drains through the turf, and it can get rid of it quicker.

What is the critical fall height (CFH) we can expect from a system using PowerBase/PLAY?
You can expect to meet critical fall heights up to 8’.

How does it handle expansion and contraction in hot/cold climates?
Every PowerBase/PLAY panel is engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of all climates. Each panel has expansion crush ribs built in to absorb the force of expansion of the panels. Because it is made of one material, we know exactly how much it will expand and contract in the most extreme weather conditions, and that is factored into the manufacturing of each panel.

Does it meet ADA standards?
Yes, there are systems using PowerBase/PLAY that meet the criteria for ADA compliance.

10-year warranty for durability and maintaining critical fall height. Contact Brock USA for a copy of the warranty.

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We don’t make turf. We make turf safer.