Brock USA is celebrating our 20-year anniversary! Looking back over the past two decades we have a lot to be thankful for. When we started with the vision of making sports fields safer for athletes, we were initially met with skepticism and doubt. Infilled artificial turf was a burgeoning technology and we were already saying we could make it better. Concussions were not in the news. The study of the brain in our field hadn’t yet started. And we had not built a single field.

Despite all that, there were a few believers who took the time to study the research. These were the true pioneers that have led to a fundamental shift in how artificial turf safety is viewed and now constructed. In the month of November, we will be taking a look back and thanking all those people and those who have come since, along with their clients, who have helped change our industry for the better.

Each day we will shine our spotlight on those in the sports and design community who have led the way towards innovative, safer playing surfaces for our athletes. There is an understanding and reverence knowing the work we do today impacts generations of athletes to come. These boys and girls learn valuable lessons in teamwork, perseverance, problem solving, and gain the habits to become successful members of society. Our work protects tomorrow’s doctors, business people, journalists, professors, and many of them will coach the generations that follow.

Thank you all for making Brock USA a success and allowing us to continue to innovate in order to practice our mission:



Dan Sawyer
Founder and CEO
Brock USA.