A great artificial turf field should mimic a great natural one


The goal of any artificial turf surface is to mimic a high-quality, natural grass playing field. Achieving this requires a more sophisticated approach than laying “rug over rock”. Think of Brock ShockPad/SERIES as the “intel inside” of your field.

The ShockPad/SERIES comes in several thicknesses, from 14mm to 20mm, depending on the turf you select, always keeping the performance of the overall system in mind. Fields that utilize a SP shock pad demonstrate the safety, speed and impact performance that replicates a quality natural turf surface; plus they drain fast and last longer.

A shock pad for every turf

Brock’s Shock Pad (SP) Series was engineered as a lower-cost alternative to our PowerBase products for when only vertical drainage is required. Series SP is often used in field replacements where a functioning drainage base is already in place.

Quality features:

Stable – Large, robust dovetail interlock makes installation fast and easy.

Porous – The open-pore structure allows water to pass vertically through the material.

Durable – Micro coating bonds the material, maintaining the porosity of the pad.

Dynamic – Interaction of particles keeps field stiff for running, soft for impacts.

Microcoating Binder

Brock’s Shock Pad (SP) Series will outperform other shock pads nearly twice as thick. That’s because it’s engineered for artificial turf and the impacts that occur during play. A patented material using polypropylene with a micro coating binder produces a material with an open pore structure for fast drainage and a unique impact profile ideal for artificial turf.

The Surface for Athletes

Achieving the proper performance levels for Impacts, Heat and Traction in a quality artificial turf defines modern sports surface design.

By using the various standardized tests, we can now create an artificial surface as close to natural as ever before. The green areas designate the desired performance ranges of quality natural turf. The spokes indicate the performance results of the artificial turf field systems described in the center. Keep in mind, the turf pile height ranged from 1.5”-2.0” and consisted of products from every brand of turf, yet all of the systems performed well.

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Specifications and more details

  1. Use SP when there is a vertically draining stone base, both for turf replacement projects and new construction.
  2. When cost is an issue, but building the safest field possible is still a priority!
Does it drain?
Yes, SP is a completely permeable product. Every expanded polypropylene (EPP) bead is coated with a micro-binder that allows the beads to adhere to each other. The natural void space between beads allows water to move through the pad freely. We have independent test results from third-party testing laboratories that shows that our SP Series shock pads drain vertically at over 700” per hour…way faster than the turf that’s on top of it.

Why is it multi-colored?
The white beads are virgin expanded polypropylene (EPP), while the black beads are recycled material. Each SP Series panel has no more than 30% recycled content in it. The performance of both beads is identical.

Can you drive on it?
Yes, our ShockPad Series Warranty allows for load limits that far exceed most turf manufacturer load limits. Additionally, as long as you protect the field with a rigid field protection system, you can host other events, such as concerts and graduations.

How does it handle expansion and contraction in hot/cold climates?
Every SP Series panel is engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of all climates. Each panel has expansion crush ribs built in to absorb the force of expansion of the panels. Because it is made of one material, we know exactly how much it will expand and contract in the most extreme weather conditions, which is factored into the manufacturing of each panel.

All Series SP products come with a 16-year warranty covering durability, plus a Gmax guarantee of 120 for the field’s life and a Drainage 250” per hour.

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