Artificial Turf Fields and Rotational Resistance: Traction in Action

At Brock USA, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier athletic surfaces, and our BrockFILL fields are a testament to this commitment. One of the key aspects of BrockFILL is its traction and grip qualities. Good traction is crucial for athletes who rely on quick turns and agile movements. Stability, consistency, and […]

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BrockFILL Durability – Why Wood is Good!

Trees are some of the most steadfast natural structures globally; owing to their particularly strong and durable cell walls, they can withstand extraordinary stresses in the natural environment. This characteristic makes wood a natural choice for so many current applications and for the development of BrockFILL. There aren’t any additives […]

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Athletic Business Interview On BrockFILL

Brock USA, the leading manufacturer of shock pads for artificial turf fields, has released the aptly named “BrockFILL” – the first affordable and durable organic replacement for crumb rubber. In late 2014 Brock USA began assembling a team of researchers from universities, sports testing labs, PhD scientists, engineers, […]

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