Brock USA in partnership with SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay recently had the opportunity to make a big change in one young individual’s life. Rohan is part of the Make-A-Wish program in the United States and his one wish was to have a turf backyard that he could walk on without falling. Brock and SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay are firm believers that everyone should have the opportunity to be outside and play and both companies were more than happy to jump at the chance to help out. Brock USA donated Shock Pad Series SP17 XL shock pads to the family while SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay provided the turf carpet and labor. The combination of turf and shock pads will allow Rohan to move freely on a completely even surface, and if he does fall, he will have the support of the shock pads beneath. Before you could say “Make-A-Wish,” this backyard surface was completed and ready for Rohan to take the field!

A special thank you to The Stone Store/Aggtrans, Bowen’s Farm Supply, Rental Works, and USGreentech.

Take a look at the photos below of the before and after of this project!