Brock’s own Scott Powers was recently honored with the Carlton “Corky” Kell Award at the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association’s 83rd Annual Awards and 21st Hall of Fame Banquet in Dalton, Georgia. Scott joined an exclusive list that includes Coach Dave Hunter, Craig Hartman (Neff Company), Tommy Palmer (Palmer Communications), Pete Wilson (Josten Company), and David Pennington (Dalton Mayor).


Embodying “Corky” Kell


The Georgia Athletic Coaches Association began the Award in 1995, recognizing an individual or group for dedicated service and outstanding contributions to high school athletes and coaches in the State of Georgia. Scott Powers fits this description perfectly. Scott has been a great friend, supporter, and advocate for GACA and its coaches. This relationship began during Scott’s tenure with Sports Turf Company and has resulted in Georgia having more high-performing One Turf Concept tested turf fields than any other state in the southeast, serving thousands of athletes across the state every day.

Scott has a passion for educating and demonstrating the difference Brock shock pads and organic infill make in reducing the likelihood of concussions, creating exceptional traction, and lowering the surface temperature on those hot Georgia days. He has given coaches, athletic directors, parents, administrators, etc., the peace of mind that they are doing everything possible to keep their athletes/students/children safe and healthy when on the field.

“Scott embodies the finest qualities that we see in our industry – commitment to his craft and true care for athletes and clients. By pushing education first and business second, he has helped many facilities in GA understand the latest science and research in order to make decisions that benefit every athlete that takes the field.  It’s a well-deserved honor that he should receive this award,” said Dan Sawyer, CEO of Brock USA.


Who exactly is Carlton “Corky” Kell?


Carlton spent 30 years as a high school coach and administrator in Georgia, owning a 69-22-1 record coaching football while winning several region titles and making the state championship in 1973. Kell had a passion for sports, but more than that, he had a passion for teaching and coaching athletes to their full potential, girls or boys, basketball, football, or any other sport.

After his coaching days, “While serving as athletic director for the Cobb County School District, Corky’s influence reached well across county and state lines. He was respected for his passion, commitment, and ability to work with others to get things done. The most substantial tribute to Corky’s respect and accomplishments was the designation of the annual high school kickoff game as the “Corky Kell Classic”. -GADA


Lasting Impacts


Carlton “Corky” Kell served his community for 30+ years, and his ideology and commitment to youth athletics can still be felt today. We celebrate Scott and look forward to seeing what he has yet to accomplish!