Shock Pads Reach a Tipping Point

Based on the groundbreaking novel by Malcolm Gladwell, tipping points occur when more than about 20% of a market shifts their decision making. In epidemiology the tipping point is that moment when a small change tips the balance of a system and brings about a large change. With the data […]

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Avoiding Sports Because Of Fear Could Be Worse For America’s Youth

The “Dangers” of Sports

In one version or another, sports have been played in almost every culture dating back thousands of years. Something about sports drives people from all corners of the earth to want to compete. People play different sports depending on where they are from, but the core values, […]

Research & Logic Concludes: Shock Pads = Safer Fields

The Whole System

Infilled artificial turf was a significant step forward in our attempts to replicate natural grass, but that innovation is already 25+ years old, and science has pressed onwards. The turf industry has created thatched systems, developed new infills, weighed the benefits of slit-film and monofilament turf styles. One […]

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Why Shock Pads? 7 reasons why you should always include a shock pad in your artificial turf system

Informed buyers are getting out of the Stone Age and into the Technology Age. Laying carpet over stone or concrete may have been considered OK ten years ago. Still, today systems have evolved to provide better drainage, superior safety, greater longevity, and more environmental solutions to a project. There […]

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Bibb County High School Student-Athletes and Coaches Eager to replace old field

The Ed DeFore Sports Complex, used by 12 Georgia High Schools, is getting a big upgrade going into the new year. The old muddy field is being replaced with an artificial turf featuring Brock PowerBase/YSR. This investment helps the school better instill a sense of pride in their student […]


Shock Pads are here to stay.  Our friends at Sports Turf Company, Inc. published this fantastic article highlighting key things parents, coaches, and athletes need to know about the fields they’re playing upon. The article provides a brief history for the innovations in turf, but also highlights current safety standards […]

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Dartmouth Football Head Coach Preaches Player Safety

In a new video interview, Buddy Teevens, legendary coach of Dartmouth University, speaks to the unique and effective techniques his program is using to protect his players. With his incredible concept of “no Dartmouth player will ever be tackled by another Dartmouth player,” they have led the Ivy League in […]

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Definitive Head Injury criterion (HIC) test guidebook – Everything & more about HIC

As consensus among the scientific community that the Head Injury Criterion (HIC) test  is the appropriate measure for head injury in surface grow, so do the number of questions from designers and owners. The Brock research staff, in conjunction with a team of reviewers and PhD engineers, have created the definitive, […]

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