“Dave Duerson Act” could ban tackle football for children under 12

Dave Duerson was a starting safety for the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl championship team. He played in the NFL for 11 seasons, and was selected to play in four Pro Bowls. In the years after his retirement, Duerson struggled with memory lapses, mood swings, headaches, blurred eyesight, and other […]

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New Documentary Shows Artificial Turf Plays Important Role in Concussion Crisis

The Brett Favre produced film, “Shocked: The Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis,” sheds light on how hard artificial turf fields become when not maintained or built without shock pads. The concept grew from Brett Favre’s discussions with Brock USA CEO, Dan Sawyer, and developed into a comprehensive documentary […]

Youth Football Players may take more Hits to the Head than Originally Thought

Boston University study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found CTE in 110 of 111 ex-NFL players. This alarming discovery was discussed heavily in the news and social media. Less publicized was the diagnosis of CTE in 3 of 18 brains from high school athletes. […]

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Bob Costas Warns of Football’s Dire Future if Solutions are not Embraced

Just one day before Bob Costas is set to be honored by the Concussion Legacy Foundation, news outlets across the country are releasing articles highlighting his concerns for the future of football. USA Today quoted Costas from a panel he participated in at the University of Maryland, […]

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Should We Bring The “Standing-8 Count” Rule to Turf Sports?

Bennie Fowler of the Denver Broncos dove into the end zone in an attempt to catch a pass and came down hard on the turf. Seconds later Fowler got up and tried running back to the huddle only to lose his balance and fall back down. This play was immediately […]

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Team Up Speak Up to Fight Concussions

A CDC report revealed almost 70% of high school athletes who experienced concussion symptoms continued to play. Of this group, 40% said their coach was not aware they might have a concussion. Athletes of all ages and levels of competition hide concussions, often citing an obligation to the team, or […]

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Independent Analysis of Brock ShockPads on GMax and Vertical Deformation

There are over 12,000 artificial turf infilled systems in the United States, and more are installed every year. Synthetic sports fields are used as a substitute when natural grass is not an option. Artificial turfs provide several advantages, notably the durability to be used year-round, and play in heavy precipitation […]

Concussion Insurance: Coming to a School District Near You

The number of reported concussions in youth athletics continues to rise, and over 4 million sports concussions occur annually. 1 in 5 high school athletes will sustain a sports related concussion during the season, and a third of those students will have two or more. Beginning with the […]

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