Informed buyers are getting out of the Stone Age and into the Technology Age. Laying carpet over stone or concrete may have been considered OK ten years ago. Still, today systems have evolved to provide better drainage, superior safety, greater longevity, and more environmental solutions to a project. There are many reasons why placing a Shock Pad under the turf is now the fastest growing trend in the industry for synthetic turf sports fields:

  1. Concussions are front-page news.
    Players, parents, coaches, and fans are now aware of mental health dangers due to contact sports. With 1-in-5 concussions happening from players’ heads hitting the turf, it’s essential to make sure you have the safest system.
  2. Turf lasts longer over a shock pad.
    Over the last three decades, pitches with no shock pad have been proven to wear out quicker than those with shock pads, as the pad primarily protects the underneath of the surface from the abrasion caused by a hard surface such as stone or asphalt. A pad also reduces the risk of compaction, which again accelerates damage to the fibers and backing.
  3. Players prefer turf over a shock pad.
    Players surveys consistently show that turf directly over stone is the least preferred system, and shock pads are preferred.
  4. Changing performance and safety standards
    Passing GMax is not good enough anymore. Not complying with new safety standards that include Head Injury Criterion (HIC) can open field owners up to liability issues after the field is installed.
  5. Lack of maintenance resources.
    Most fields do not receive the TLC they need. Without a shock pad, infill displaces, and your field may firm up and become a dangerous playing environment.
  6. Shock Pad systems save money.
    A quality shock pad is a one-time investment and does not have to be replaced when your turf is. And if designed properly, it will reduce costs every time you replace your field. A nice legacy to leave!
  7. Newer durable fibers allow for shorter pile heights.
    Thatch zones and monofilament fibers provide enhanced durability for your field, so you don’t need as much infill and can choose a lower pile height, faster surface.

Building your field with a shock pad future-proofs your investment and provides the safest playing environment for your athletes and children. As the phrase goes, It’s a no-brainer -choose a shock pad.