As consensus among the scientific community that the Head Injury Criterion (HIC) test  is the appropriate measure for head injury in surface grow, so do the number of questions from designers and owners. The Brock research staff, in conjunction with a team of reviewers and PhD engineers, have created the definitive, comprehensive document explaining HIC, how it is calculated, and how it’s been proven to correlate with head injury has been produced.  

Defining the differences between the G-Max test and HIC is critical in understanding why G-Max does not correlate with head injury as tested with the ASTM F355-16A missile. ASTM has adopted the use of the E missile as the device to test HIC, since this device has been correlated with the Hybrid III head form used in the automotive industry in crash test dummies.

The document also outlines how quality natural turf compares to artificial turf as they relate to the risk of head injury on the different surfaces.   “There is a lot of confusion in the market as to how to apply HIC to the design of surfaces based on some of the marketing materials produced. This document will clarify much of that confusion”, says Tom Murphy, PhD from Brock USA. “Although it’s not a ‘page turner,’ it is a factually based document that people can use as a resource to help educate their clients. It’s a real accomplishment as far as educational documents to, and I’d personally like to thank the various engineers and HIC experts who helped produce and review the document for complete accuracy. ”