In early March of 2022, Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida became Brock USA’s second BrockFILL playing surface to receive its FIFA Quality Pro Field Certificate. Receiving this accreditation has massive implications for this state-of-the-art stadium as well as the city of Orlando.

Camping World Stadium will host a friendly between the Mexican National Soccer Team and Guatemala’s National Soccer Team on April 27th as part of the 19th edition of the Mexican National Team U.S. Tour. This will be the stadium’s first FIFA-sanctioned event to take place on this surface.

This international friendly would not be possible without the FIFA Quality Pro Certification. A big thank you to the project designer Activitas out of Massachusetts for their superb work on this stunning facility. Activitas did their due diligence and were committed to putting in a top-quality field that would meet the stringent FIFA Quality PRO Certification.

And thank you to AstroTurf for providing their top-of-the-line synthetic turf to pair with our Brock products to make for a truly safe and durable stadium field. It shouldn’t be taken lightly that FIFA felt comfortable playing on this synthetic turf field even with natural grass field options available, it’s a validation of each and every company that is a part of this revolutionary project.

Brock USA is the leader in shock pad and organic infill technology and this stadium is the perfect example of that. Camping World Stadium’s surface features a Brock SP17XL shock pad along with an all-organic, highly engineered infill, BrockFILL. Fields that utilize an SP shock pad demonstrate the safety, speed, and impact performance that replicates a quality natural turf surface, plus they keep the surface firm and fast to run on while still absorbing impacts.

BrockFILL, especially in Florida, will help reduce the temperature of the field as well as provide cleat traction and body-to-surface impacts similar to those found on a pristine natural grass field. This organic wood-infill is made in the USA and engineered with the safety and performance of the athlete in mind. BrockFILL creates a more grass-like playing surface and is already installed in over 250 fields just 3 years since its launch.

“Brock is extremely excited to be a part of this project. I remember playing at Camping World Stadium with the Richmond Kickers against Orlando City FC before they moved to MLS. To know that this historic stadium now has the most state-of-the-art synthetic turf playing surface that not only reduces temperatures but is also FIFA Certified is incredible. We can’t wait to watch more high-level games from different sports play on this turf,” says Ronnie Pascale, National Director of Sales for Brock USA.

Orlando also installed a top-of-the-line turf system – AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D3 Trionic Blend 60. The field is manufactured with unmatched quality controls and features a multi-ply primary backing system to optimize dimensional stability.

This surface at Camping World Stadium was tested by Sports Labs, the global leader in sports surface testing and certification, and given a Quality Pro rating by FIFA. The FIFA Certification lasts from March 2022 to March 2025.

“Only artificial playing surfaces which have been tested in the laboratory and on the field according to the stringent testing criteria of the FIFA Quality Programme can be called football turf. This name means that these systems fulfill the quality requirements necessary for football in terms of playing performance, safety, durability and quality assurance.” – FIFA

Camping World Stadium will maintain its field quality no matter what is thrown at it. The stadium has a full slate of events lined up in 2022, ranging from the massive music festival EDC Orlando which will see over 200,000 patrons in a weekend to a giant Monster Truck Jam event. And neither massive trucks nor hundreds of thousands of people on top of this Brock, AstroTurf, and Activitas surface will affect the quality of the field.

But first up is Mexico vs Guatemala so make sure to grab your tickets here if you are lucky enough to be around for this inaugural friendly. Use the passcode “M2N2T” to unlock a $5 off ticket offer!

Photo Credit: Camping World Stadium