Brock CEO, Dan Sawyer, was featured in the University of Colorado Boulder’s Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine for his entrepreneurial accomplishments. Brock PowerBase / PRO is also featured in CU’s indoor athletic facility, opened in 2015.

“The experience of watching a professional, college or high school football game is hardly different today than 20 years ago. The doctors and trainers who look after the athletes, however, would certainly see a distinction, and they have Dan Sawyer, the University of Colorado Boulder alumnus who is founder and CEO of Brock USA, partly to thank for it.

An athlete’s potential for suffering a ground-impact concussion or injury can now be decreased by nearly 50 percent, and the reason is the development and availability of a polypropylene Shock Pad product designed in Boulder by Brock USA, as part of their artificial turf padding PowerBase Pro line, and sold throughout the world.”

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