How incredible would it be for a Texas high school football player to play on the same field as the Dallas Cowboys? Well, for one school district in San Antonio the student athletes are getting the next best thing. They will be playing on the same surface being utilized in the brand-new Dallas Cowboys Practice Facilities.

The North East ISD installed Brock PowerBase beneath eight of their fields this summer and, as of August, the fields are now in use. The mounting concerns surrounding concussions and how the playing surfaces can be utilized to reduce risk led to the district choosing Brock PowerBase. This decision came after extensive research and onsite demonstrations.

“All of the high school coordinators took a trip in December to look at different
types of turfed fields and see if any had padding underneath the surface,” said Karen
Funk, NEISD Executive Director of Athletics. “We were particularly interested in the
cushioning of different types of turfed surfaces and those with pads. Turfed fields become hard over time, especially with multiple groups practicing and playing on the campus field. We were very interested in a pad that would cushion the body and the head. Brock PowerBase is the top of the line and thickest pad the panel was introduced to and all agreed this was the best for our students and athletes.”

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Photo Credit: My San Antonio