“Matt Lacey and the board members of VSA should be commended for the amount of time and effort they spent educating themselves about the new and different options available. By selecting Brock ShockPad/17 and BrockFill, they are not only showing their commitment to providing the safest and most environmentally friendly fields they can for their members, but are also paving the way for others in the area by pioneering the next generation of synthetic turf soccer fields. Brock USA is beyond thrilled to be working with this forward thinking club and can’t wait to see kids enjoying these new fields at Long Park for years to come.t”

– Ronnie Pascale, East Region Vice President, Brock USA

The Virginia Soccer Association (VSA) Board of Directors and staff announced Monday that the three turf fields at James Long Park will get a state-of-the-art renovation that delivers unparalleled player safety, extraordinary durability and minimal environmental impact.

As the James Long Park turf fields were near the end of their lifespan, the need for field improvements was paramount.  The VSA Board of Directors and staff completed nearly two years of research to satisfy the club’s requirements for player safety and team performance.

 “We underwent an extensive evaluation of the turf products in the marketplace to find the best for our athletes and our club,” said Michael Bachman, president, VSA Board of Directors. “What we are getting is an elite level turf system that will significantly benefit our players for years to come.”

Core Contractors, LLC (Core) located in Woodbridge, VA has been selected to manage the $1.6 million installation of Shaw Sports Legion Turf and Brock USA state-of-the-art BrockFILL® and ShockPad system.  With more than 20 years athletic field construction experience in the DC Metropolitan area, Core will provide ongoing service of the fields to ensure that ball playability and athlete performance are maintained.