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For concrete evidence of the durability of Brock Shock Pads, one only needs to examine the longevity of our installations. Brock’s underlayments are already serving beneath their second layer of turf across various locations nationwide, thereby proving their resilience and cost-effectiveness for clients in the long run.

Our sustained collaborations with our customers are the primary reason why we are recognized as the top provider of shock pads for artificial turf fields, ranging from NFL stadiums to middle schools and public parks. The most discerning minds at the highest echelons prefer Brock, and no other shock pad has met their stringent standards. Our prestigious roster of clients includes institutions such as Harvard, Dartmouth, Northeastern University, Boston College, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Stanford, and NFL teams including the Houston Texans, 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, among numerous others. The following are just a few examples of the fields with which we have established partnerships.

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