Our friends over at Carducci Associates, a premier landscape architectural design firm based in California, wrote a terrific article on the variables that are considered when designing an artificial turf field or park. The state of California and its citizens have taken the issues of responsible land use, repercussions of crumb-rubber infills, and growing populations head-on and Carducci Associates has been there to answer questions and provide guidance.

The article also highlights the driving factors for why artificial turf athletic fields are being constructed more and more. Below are a few excerpted bullets:

  • Conflicting demands of natural turf for maintenance (which, like other biotic things, needs to breathe) and of a large population for play space in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area
  • Shrinking maintenance budgets
  • Creating a literal ‘even playing field,’ by avoiding soil’s lumpiness and grading for drainage
  • Growing public demand for low-water, drought-resilient landscapes

Read the full article on Carducci Associates News Page.