The popular ESPN program “Sports Science” chose to dive into the forces at work during a rugby match. What was discovered is a violent mix of possibilities that open the doors for serious injuries. There was no doubt that rugby is a hard-hitting, collision sport that demands each player to constantly protect themselves from harm, but most players do not grasp the sheer force impacting their bodies and, more specifically, their brains.

Luckily, World Rugby has established standards for rugby associations and they have been adopted by leagues all around the globe. The most significant metric that stands out in the standards guide for artificial turf fields is a Head Injury Criterion rating of >1.3 meters. This may seem like a practical height considering the test measures head impacts, but natural grass fields regularly score HIC ratings between 1.6-2.0 meters. Pristine natural grass is the only standard Brock PowerBase/Pro, PowerBase/YSR, and the ShockPad/SERIES are measured against. For this reason you can conduct a HIC test on any Brock field and you will see a HIC rating of 1.6 meters or higher.