Studies show that athletes prefer natural grass over artificial turf, and NFL and NCAA studies show that natural turf is safer than artificial turf. 


Deciding on the shock pad is arguably the most important decision in the system because when something goes wrong UNDER the turf, that’s when catastrophic problems occur. That’s why we spend so much time on engineering and testing not only our products but the entire system as a whole.

 Today we know so much more than 30-years ago at the dawn of infilled turf—more about athlete safety, more about long-term field performance, and more about the environmental impact. Just as flip phones have made way for smartphones, and football helmets have evolved beyond their age-old smooth, round design, educated buyers know that artificial turf is now a more sophisticated system that can, and must, achieve so much more.


  • First is the SHOCK PAD,  which controls the safety levels of your field.

  • Second is the TURF “carpet,” which eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

  • Finally and equally important is the INFILL, which controls traction, speed, and temperature.


BrockFILL is an engineered wood particle infill specific for artificial turf. Sustainably seeded, grown and processed in the USA, BrockFILL is made as smaller trees are thinned out to make way for larger trees for the lumber, biofuels and animal industries. The particles are then smoothed and rounded as part of a 11-step proprietary process. 

brock powerbase ysr

A shock pad system that reset all industry standards for artificial turf fields. PowerBase YSR provides the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness, engineered specifically to optimize athlete safety and performance. 

brock powerbase pro

A shock pad system like none other in the industry.  PowerBase PRO is the only shock pad engineered specifically to provide the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness for the larger elite NCAA and professional athletes because they need a surface engineered specifically for them!

brock sp series

If lateral drainage is not required, SP Series (stands for “Shock Pad) is a cost-effective, high-performance line of shock-absorbing pads for use on new or replacement fields with an existing, well-draining stone base. It comes in different thicknesses to optimize safety for the turf you select. 

brock powerbase play

This is our playground product. It’s 2” thick, and engineered for critical fall heights under playground equipment. Its engineered for use under an artificial turf top surface.

baseball System

The goal was to create a surface that allowed the purity of baseball/softball to be unaffected by the surface. So we measured ball speeds, ball bounce angles, traction for the players, and more on good quality natural turf fields. because we needed to mimic the feel of a natural surface under foot. Plus we know that the crumb rubber in turf gets brutally hot.

Why choose brock?

‘The proof is in the pudding,’ as they say. Our fields are the No.1 choice for player safety, player comfort, player performance, and the best choice for the environment. The choice is simple -Choose Brock, and you won’t be disappointed.

3 points of safety

When it comes to the field, there are three key elements to providing a safe surface. First, softening impacts to help reduce or prevent concussions. Second, improving traction to protect against ankle and knee injuries. Third, reducing heat. because athletes work hard and heat stress is a problem in artificial turf. 


Recent NFL and NCAA Studies found more ankle and knee injuries on artificial turf than on quality natural grass. (We can send you the studies if you like.)  Athletes want a surface that is stable, where they can plant their foot reliably, and be fast. Like playing on great natural turf. 


Heat stress is a problem on artificial turf, especially in parts of the U.S. where field temperatures can reach 180F! It’s hotter than a parking lot. Artificial turf with crumb rubber is a heat island. But natural infills can lower the surface temperature by as much as 50 degrees. And even more if they are wet from a rain. 


 Preventing concussion in sports is a national priority. Studies show 1 in 5 concussions occurs by a head-to-surface impact. Higher energy impacts to the body when it hits a high Gmax, harder surface also take their toll. Did you know the Gmax of quality natural turf is about 80 g’s? 

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