The Next Generation of Sports Surface

Reduce Risk of injuries by putting performance safety layers under the field.

  • The original shock pad system that set all industry standards for artificial turf fields. PowerBase Pro provides the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness for elite athletes and is the only product engineered for NCAA, Pro and elite level players.


  • The “younger brother” of PowerBase Pro, offers the same safety, drainage, cost, and environmental benefits as PowerBase Pro, but is the only artificial turf shock absorbing pads system engineered specifically for youth and recreational sports. Smaller bodies need a different surface than the pros!


  • If lateral drainage is not required, SP Series (stands for “Shock Pad) is a cost-effective, high-performance line of shock absorbing pads for use on new or replacement fields with an existing, well-draining stone base. It comes in different thicknesses to optimize safety for the turf you select.


  • slider-header-play

    This is our playground product. 2” thick, and engineered for critical fall heights under playground equipment. For use under artificial turf.


The Brock Pads Manufacturing process

At Brock, we run a tight ship. Our manufacturing process is in an ISO14000 facility and countless quality control measures ensures you are getting the EXACT same product every time. This is critical since consistency in a shock pad is key to a quality feel and safety level of the field. We mold our panels one at a time. They are checked repeatedly throughout the process, from raw material to finished part, so when we provide test data for drainage, impact attenuation, fit and finish and more, you know those tests apply to every single panel we make, not just a particular sample. Variability in material quality is not something we tolerate, and not something that works under your field. Beyond that, our PowerBase YSR, Pro, and Play are Cradle to Cradle certified, the pinnacle of sustainability.


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Concussions involves the head hitting the surface.– Concussion Legacy Foundation

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