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The engineers, directors, field installers, heck even our marketing guys cannot get enough when it comes to learning about artificial turf fields. The entire company follows every leading report, news story, research paper, and breakthrough that pertains to the development and use of artificial turf fields. Think of us as “turf nerds.”

We want to share that knowledge with you, so you can make informed decisions on why you should never compromise when designing your fields or playgrounds. Below you’ll find a number of external resources to help in your journey towards a new artificial turf field. You can also go to our Safer Sports Media page and get up to date on what Brock is working on and enjoy our commentary on what’s happening within the industry.

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Concussions involves the head hitting the surface.– Concussion Legacy Foundation

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Brock Research

Find both internal and independent research on fields and athlete safety.


Field Testing

We go into the field and test hundreds of fields to validate our assumptions.



Learn what you need to know about this national epidemic.


Sustainable Design

We are “tree huggers” from Colorado and we care about our legacy.


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