The Best Artificial Turf Fields Start From The Ground Up

Artificial turf fields are no longer a system of simply rolling carpet over rock – and for good reason! The safety of all athletes, from children to the pros, is the number one priority for field designers, owners, and especially parents and coaches. Brock engineered each of their shock absorbing pad solutions specifically to reduce the impact force when a player slams into the turf. That same engineering also produces a stiff surface for running, as opposed to other “shock pads” which make the surface too soft. Protecting the brain from impact injury and lessening soft tissue joint injuries is crucial and that protection starts at the turf level.

By partnering with Brock you gain access to the some of the most established field testing facilities and equipment in the industry. Our engineers have conducted G-Max, HIC, and Deformation testing on every variety of turf, infill, and shock pad on market. The Brock Educators can teach you how the elements of artificial turf fields work in harmony to either enhance or decrease properties to create the ideal system for your field.

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1 in 5

Concussions involves the head hitting the surface.– Concussion Legacy Foundation

AGE 25

The brain is more susceptible to injury until age 25Source – Dr Robert Cantu, Neurologist, Boston University Medical Center

80 G’S

NFL study concluded that concussions in players occur around 80 g’sSource – NFL

2 Years

The time it can take to recover from a concussionSource – York University, 2016


The goal of a Synthetic Surface is to mimic the qualities of the finest Natural Turf.Source – The synthetic turf industry
“We wanted the best. We wanted to do what we could to ensure the safety of our student-athletes. That’s our number one priority,”
– Jason DePaepe, Associate Athletic Director, CU Boulder

What does reducing HIC mean for head injuries?

23-50% reduction in the relative risk of common head injuries on the surface.


Y Axis – “Probability”

“Estimates for 5-year old surfaces showed a somewhat larger effect of the underlayment, directly attributable to the faster deterioration of impact attenuation performance of surfaces without underlayment.”– Biomechanica, 2009

The Next Generation of Sports Surface

Reduce Risk of injuries by putting performance safety layers under the field.

  • The original shock pad system that set all industry standards for artificial turf fields. PowerBase Pro provides the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness for elite athletes and is the only product engineered for NCAA, Pro and elite level players.


  • The “younger brother” of PowerBase Pro, offers the same safety, drainage, cost, and environmental benefits as PowerBase Pro, but is the only artificial turf shock absorbing pads system engineered specifically for youth and recreational sports. Smaller bodies need a different surface than the pros!


  • If lateral drainage is not required, SP Series (stands for “Shock Pad) is a cost-effective, high-performance line of shock absorbing pads for use on new or replacement fields with an existing, well-draining stone base. It comes in different thicknesses to optimize safety for the turf you select.


  • slider-header-play

    This is our playground product. 2” thick, and engineered for critical fall heights under playground equipment. For use under artificial turf.


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