Sustainable Design

Safety for Athletes AND the Planet

We have been accused of being tree hugging hippies from Colorado and we are completely OK with that. We’re proud to be the ONLY company in the artificial turf world to have attained a Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Certification on our PowerBase product lines. We have proven our ability to take care of our product at the end of life, not just talked about it. This means Brock is a safe product near wetlands, and environmentally sensitive areas. It means our product will never be waste. Ever.

At a time when concern for our planet has never been higher, Brock has recently launched our C2Zero Program, with the goal of becoming a net zero carbon company as fast as possible.

Our process is also about precision – making the same thing every time. Which translates to fields that feel totally consistent across the surface. Fields that are predictable and drain fast, and fields that are safer and last longer, because a key to sustainability is a products durability. Our ISO 9014 status means we run a tight ship, and we take care of our people. You are the beneficiary of this culture of quality and environmental stewardship.

Pushing the Artificial Turf Industry Forward

It’s not just a concept, it’s a commitment. Brock’s PowerBase and ShockPad technology for synthetic turf upholds a commitment to achieve the finest playing surface possible:

+ To sustain an athlete’s performance by mimicking a natural turf surface that’s safer to play on.

+ To improve the old design and performance while reducing the impact on the environment.

+ To sustain a fast draining field over decades of use, even in the worst of storms.

+ To help give our clients the ability to meet LEED requirements so they can design for the planet.

+ To use technology to evolve from laying carpet over stone, to building advanced systems that work in harmony with each other and in harmony with mother nature.

After years of research, field experience, and the collaboration of minds from every profession in the industry. For athletes to owners, turf companies to test labs, designers to builders, Powerbase is the most advanced base system for synthetic turf in the world today.


It was important that we find a product that we could recycle at the end of its useful life. With all the research we did on different manufacturers and products, Brock was the one that stepped forward and actually committed to that process.– Dan Mauer, San Francisco Parks & Rec.

What does sustainable design mean for artificial turf Shock Pads?

In this day and age everyone makes claims about the sustainability of their products, but at Brock we look at things that are measurable and concrete.

There is a big difference between recycling and down-cycling. At the end of the day unless a product could be reused over and over again without losing its original quality and performance it does not meet Brock standards. Sure, some products make claims that they are diverting materials from a landfill, but a closer look exposes they are simply delaying this inevitable and wasteful outcome. When it comes time to replace these materials it’s not financially viable to further down cycle them so their destiny is to be thrown away, but on our tiny planet there is no “away”.


Polypropylene, our core raw material, meets the most stringent requirements of recycling and reuse as indicated by our unique Cradle to Cradle certification. We are the only company in the entire industry to achieve this auspicious designation for true sustainability. If you Google uses for polypropylene you will understand the prolific nature of this wonderful plastic and the valuable asset for future generations that it represents. You will also get a sense of how durable it is, which is why we can offer a guarantee unmatched in the industry. We have taken our products back and recycled them into new, high performance underlayments, equal in every way to their original quality. So we don’t make claims that are unproven. Sure, sometimes we are accused of being tree hugging hippies from Boulder Colorado. But that’s okay with us. We like trees. We love nature. Boulder is a place that engrains that in you’re DNA. So it is completely unacceptable to us to offer anything less than a product that will have no negative impact on future generations.

BrockFILL is sourced and manufactured right here in the united states.

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