HIC, Natural turf and more ...

When it comes to athlete safety, which field would you like your athletes playing on?

A quality natural grass field is the benchmark for safety and playability. A natural grass field will produce Gmax below 100, high critical fall heights (HIC) and a firm feel under foot (Vertical deformation). Fields with a Brock underlayment will provide the better Gmax performance, high critical fall heights, plus a firm, more consistent surface across the whole field similar to natural turf.


Using both Gmax and HIC gives a much better picture of how safe your field is when it comes to head injury.

Whereas Gmax can be below the ASTM or STC limits, HIC tells a very different story. Any HIC value over 1000 is a failing grade. Keep in mind that 1.3 meters is the MINIMUM fall height you want. And the HIC Score from that drop height should be way below 1000.

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