Tune in tonight for HBO’s “Real Sports: with Bryant Gumbel” and see Concussion Legacy Foundation Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Nowinski, speak about the dangers of youth football. He is joined by Dr. Ann Mckee, Director of the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank and many other experts to dissect the question every parent should ask, “Is football safe for my child?”

Brock has been a long-time partner with the Concussion Legacy Foundation and has had the pleasure of inviting Mr. Nowinski speak at our Regional and National Seminars. Mr. Nowinski has a talent for bringing the dangers and repercussions of continued head trauma to light in a very personal way. His own life has been affected by Post-Concussion Syndrome and he has been a leader in advancing the discussion around long-term health effects of concussions.

Dr. Mckee has been on the forefront of CTE research and has been featured in several documentaries and news programs centered on brain injuries. Her work at Boston University is primarily focused on repeated head trauma in sports and the military. With over 100 publications to her name, Dr. Mckee continues to uncover new discoveries to help concussion sufferers better understand and cope with their conditions.

These two pioneers work to advance the discussion around concussion injuries and open a dialogue to find solutions.