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Brock pioneered the idea of a performance base shock pads for synthetic turf in 2004. Today as the industry leader with hundreds of fields successfully installed in 20 countries, and more going down each day, fields built with Brock are safer, drain better, last longer, and represent the most sustainable product and design in the industry.

PowerBase Pro is the only performance base system on the market specifically engineered for athletes at the elite level, and it takes your field to a new level of playability, safety and lifespan. But you don’t have to spend the money of the pros to get a field that plays like one. Brock PowerBase Pro can replace much of the stone base and perform as both the base support AND drainage system for the turf.

  • Smart

    Stair step edge supports turf and prevents shadowing through turf.



    Conical piston shape reacts dynamically to variable running loads for more natural feel of play. G-Max guarantee.


    4mm crush ribs regulate thermal expansion; Accommodates 130 degree change in temperature.


    Millions of drain holes on every field line up with channels on bottom.

  • Consistent

    Clean smooth drain channels move water effectively off the field.


    Controlled tolerance for easy installation.


    Continuous water flow between panels.


    Bidirectional drainage channels transmit water to nearest collector.

Why Everyone’s Using A Shock Absorbing Pad?Growing concern and media attention on concussions.

Shock Pads Cushion Impact – Concussion Risk Decreased

The PowerBase Pro Shock Pads absorbs impact energy so your head and body don’t have to. Artificial turf infill hardens over time because the infill compacts, but a cushioning layer can help prevent infill compaction to a great degree. Plus, adding PowerBase Pro to your field does not result in a field that is soft or slow since we tuned it to only compress during falls. You can get the best of both worlds – fast to play on, safer to land on.


Laying carpet over stone was the first generation of infill systems. That is now outdated thinking and those systems do not behave like great natural turf – which is the goal of any good sports surface. There are many reasons why placing a shock absorbing pad under a shorter pile turf is now the growing trend in the industry for the best quality synthetic turf sports fields: Growing concern and media attention on concussions, more durable fibers, less expensive field replacement costs, better footing, and longer life of the field are just a few.


Its load spreading capacity helps to stabilize the aggregate layer (or subgrade) to protect it from deforming during installation, maintenance, and athletic play. PowerBase Pro is also robust enough to handle vehicle loads during turf installation, emergencies, or maintenance on the field.

It is also a “soft” material and provides the right level of deformation during running loads so the surface feels more natural and the delayed recovery time means it’s not “bouncy” like rubber, which rebounds immediately and returns too much energy to the athlete


The goal of an artificial turf surface is
to mimic a great natural grass one.

Natural soil has the ability to remain firm under foot, yet absorb impact very well during falls. It then recovers slowly, so the surface doesn’t feel bouncy. Expanded Polypropylene, the core material in Brock PowerBase Pro and PowerBase YSR has very similar characteristics, in that the material remains stiff under running loads, but deflects under high energy impacts. It then has a “slow” (several seconds) recovery until it reaches its original state. Rubbers and foams tend to recover immediately, giving more “bounce” to the field, and have more deflection at lower loads which tends to make the field feel soft during running.

Complete Base and Drainage for Artificial Turf Fields

Using Brock PowerBase/PRO simplifies the base design and construction process significantly.

With PowerBase/PRO you receive ground stabilization, thermal insulation, and drainage properties for artificial turf fields. Stone bases or other drainage and shock pads cannot offer the same properties without added material and labor costs. Building with Powerbase Pro means less site excavation, drastically reduced stone usage and transportation, fewer materials to purchase, and faster construction time.

Brock PowerBase/PRO is both a vertical and lateral drainage system. The vertical permeability of PowerBase/PRO is greater than the turf itself, ensuring a dry pitch surface and maximum carpet stability. Our Free Flow™ drainage channels provide a fully functional horizontal drainage system that moves water efficiently to perimeter drains, and gets the field back to playability fast. Simply put, the Brock drainage system has never failed.

PowerBase Pro is also a highly effective insulator (R-Value 3.6 / inch) that protects against surface deformation caused by sub-base frost heave. The chart shows the insulation value of PowerBase Pro compared to an equivalent stone or sand depth. This insulation value of PowerBase simplifies base construction in cold climates while still providing protection against frost heave.


Proven, fast drainage

PowerBase pro transfers water fast and effectively off the field so you can get the game back on.


Insulation from frost

Brock is a thermal insulator equivalent to other materials many times it’s thickness.


PowerBase Pro is made from polypropylene, a material known for it’s durability and versatility in design. It provides superior dimensional stability through temperature variations, wet, dry, and frozen conditions. The unique BrockLock™ interlocking design ensures the panels will not move during or after your installation. Unlike other “underlayments,” or “shock-absorbing” foams – PowerBase Pro will not displace turf, deform, buckle from heat or moisture, or form gaps in cold or dry conditions which can be seen through the turf. No other manufactured system on the market is free from any of these issues.

1 in 5

Concussions involves the head hitting the surface.– Concussion Legacy Foundation

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