We are pleased to announce our award by the TCPN / National IPA Purchasing Coop for all Brock underlayments for artificial turf and playgrounds

National IPA is a competitive bid purchasing coop for all state, local governments, school districts, and higher education institutions in the United States of America, and other government agencies and non-profit organizations. The Cooperative Purchasing Network (“TCPN”) assists public agencies and non-profits reap the benefits of national leveraged pricing, with no cost to the member.

TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential. This is accomplished by competitively soliciting proposals and awarding contracts for commonly purchased products and services. Brock was awarded Contract # R162202 as part of an exhaustive evaluation process. The contract takes effect on June 1, 2017. The benefits to the end user is a significant reduction in price for Brock Shock pads as well as a simpler procurement process. Clients can purchase artificial turf from several suppliers on TCPN/National IPA, and now also purchase the Brock product directly.

This avoids multiple mark-ups, as well as gaining the lower product price we provided through the coop. It’s a great way to get the client what they want and avoid unsolicited alternates during the bid process, also making it simpler for the designer. Ask your client if they want to use a purchasing coop as part of their procurement strategy. It’s the fastest growing segment in public procurement, whereas the low bid strategy often results in products and outcomes that are not what the client wanted, and an increase in work for the designer with substitution requests.


+ Safety performance benchmarked by partnering with leading research organizations

+ Broadest product line engineered for all sports and levels of athletes

+ Oversight and design assistance to ensure highest project quality outcome

+ 16-25 year Warranties

+ Cradle to Cradle Certification – highest environmental certification possible

+ Proven drainage of fi eld that has never failed

+ Proven ability to reuse product at turf replacement

What does sustainable design mean for artificial turf Shock Pads?

In this day and age everyone makes claims about the sustainability their products, but at Brock we look at things that are measurable and concrete.

There is a big difference between recycling and down-cycling. At the end of the day unless a product could be reused over and over again without losing its original quality and performance it does not meet Brock standards. Sure, some products make claims that they are diverting materials from a landfill, but a closer look exposes they are simply delaying this inevitable and wasteful outcome. When it comes time to replace these materials it’s not financially viable to further down cycle them so their destiny is to be thrown away, but on our tiny planet there is no “away”.


Polypropylene, our core raw material, meets the most stringent requirements of recycling and reuse as indicated by our unique Cradle to Cradle certification. We are the only company in the entire industry to achieve this auspicious designation for true sustainability. If you Google uses for polypropylene you will understand the prolific nature of this wonderful plastic and the valuable asset for future generations that it represents. You will also get a sense of how durable it is, which is why we can offer a guarantee unmatched in the industry. We have taken our products back and recycled them into new, high performance underlayments, equal in every way to their original quality. So we don’t make claims that are unproven. Sure, sometimes we are accused of being tree hugging hippies from Boulder Colorado. But that’s okay with us. We like trees. We love nature. Boulder is a place that engrains that in you’re DNA. So it is completely unacceptable to us to offer anything less than a product that will have no negative impact on future generations.

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