Modern Artificial Turf | 3 points of safety

Heat stress is a major safety issue with artificial turf. In many areas in the U.S., temperatures of an artificial turf field with crumb rubber can exceed 180 degrees F

The risk of heat cramps increases when you aren’t properly hydrated.

As your body loses water during physical activity, your muscles can become tense. This interferes with your athletic performance and can make you more likely to injure yourself. Muscle strains, tears, and bone fractures are common effects of exercising with tense, cramped muscles.– Orthoatlanta, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

The artificial turf industry has known for years it has a heat problem, but the use of cheap black crumb rubber has prevented a solution. Until now.


We measured two adjacent fields in the same location, with the same turf product, the same day, the same time, and both were dry. The BrockFILL field measured 33 degrees cooler than the crumb rubber field with a cooling agent added. Plus the lower thermal conductivity of BrockFILL reduced heat transmission through shoes and skin. The difference is even greater after a rain.




Artificial turf fields with Crumb Rubber can reach dangerously high temperatures and can increase the risk of heat related injuries for athletes. BrockFILL dramatically lowers the surface temperatures of these fields.

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