The construction of artificial turf fields should be quick, predictable, low risk, and profitable for you, but most importantly, it should be a great reference to grow your business. In today’s market, concussions are on everyone’s mind, so owners are even more sensitive to the importance of field safety. Simply putting any “shock pad” under any turf does not work in the long term. The entire turf, infill, base, and shock pad must be totally compatible and complement each others’ properties. With the growth in alternative infills, now more than ever, it’s important to know which systems work, and which ones don’t. Margins are already thin in construction, so the last thing you want is a call from a problem field and to incur the costs to fix it.

When I asked our crew leader how it was working with the Brock pad he said, “Easy peasy!”– Katie Markovitch, Marketing Mgr., Paragon Sports

Artificial Turf Installed On-Time, Every Time

The synthetic turf market is growing, but the time window for construction has not. We have never missed a ship date because we inventory millions of square feet and always have it ready when you need it. Unlike other shock pad suppliers, we have supervisors onsite to train your crews.

Our newest system, PowerBase YSR panels measure 25 sq feet and reduce the number of panels to be installed compared to our original product by 40%, which speeds up the turf installation. The new YSR also has improvements in installation process, safety, drainage, and stability. We don’t “cut to fit” our panels when they heat and expand like some repurposed shock pads. We engineer thermal expansion into the panel, so it doesn’t slow you down, or worse, cause turf and line movement.


Builder Install 1
Builder Install 2
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Brock vs Stone vs Sand



Brock Shock Pad systems not only provide incredible drainage management, but also have thermal insulation properties equal to 13″ of stone or 20″ of sand.

Reduce Your Risk – Reap the Rewards

Brock has been installed in over 40 million square feet in the USA for well over a decade. There has never been a field problem or replacement as a result of our material failing. Not true with other products that were intended for one use, and then “applied” to artificial turf. Cheaper today does not mean cheaper tomorrow!

Instructions shouldn’t include “if the panels don’t fit together, cut them so they do.” That’s how problems happen later on. Things can move under the turf, with thermal changes, driving loads, and general play. If the system is not engineered properly, panels separate and start showing through the turf, causing low points and defects in the surface. This is where Brock’s engineering approach really pays off and prevents these types of issues – because when a problem happens under the turf, it’s ugly on a lot of levels.



number of times you will purchase brock
pad systems

300 lbs

on a 4 legged folding chair will put 80 psi on turf over powerbase which is covered under our warranty


Number of turf systems replaced over same
brock pad

Over the course of its life, Brock Shock Pads will save money on the field. Fields with Brock may cost slightly more when they are built new, but that money is recovered at the first turf replacement, and more so the second time.

That’s because the turf replacement does not affect the stone base, since all activity happens on top of the Brock panels. If the base needs some repair, simply remove the panels in that area, repair the base, and re-use the panels.


Knowing what we do now about concussions in sports we have an increased responsibility to build the safest environment we can for these kids.– A.R., Director of Facilities

Performance & Safety – Guaranteed

Brock is the only company that provides a real 25-year warranty, along with a G-Max guarantee for the field. Make sure you read warranties by various shock pad companies. Although they may sound like the same thing, when it comes time to exercise it, you might come up empty or be chasing a foreign company. We have built our product specifically for artificial turf, and we have never had a warranty claim.


Artificial Turf Costs Are Far Greater with the wrong Partners

Brock is not a company that provides a material and then walks away. We are right there with you onsite to offer any assistance we can to ensure that your field is built right the first time. A lot of shock pads have come and gone, and almost all of them make the claim “as good as Brock, but cheaper.” I guess we should be flattered, but there is a reason everyone compares themselves to us. Brock has maintained our leadership by standing behind every product. As our partner you gain support services and expert personnel to help you get the field done right. At Brock, if we can’t use a field as a reference, then we would rather not build it at all.


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The Next Generation of Sports Surface

Reduce Risk of injuries by putting performance safety layers under the field.

  • The original shock pad system that set all industry standards for artificial turf fields. PowerBase Pro provides the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness for elite athletes and is the only product engineered for NCAA, Pro and elite level players.


  • The “younger brother” of PowerBase Pro, offers the same safety, drainage, cost, and environmental benefits as PowerBase Pro, but is the only artificial turf shock absorbing pads system engineered specifically for youth and recreational sports. Smaller bodies need a different surface than the pros!


  • If lateral drainage is not required, SP Series (stands for “Shock Pad) is a cost-effective, high-performance line of shock absorbing pads for use on new or replacement fields with an existing, well-draining stone base. It comes in different thicknesses to optimize safety for the turf you select.


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    This is our playground product. 2” thick, and engineered for critical fall heights under playground equipment. For use under artificial turf.


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