It All starts with the athlete.

Artificial turf is not just “rug over rock” anymore. All the science points to the field being an important piece of equipment, and needs to be treated as such. Concussions, heat stroke and leg injuries must be addressed across the entire sports environment. Learn what role your sportsfield plays …

3 Points of Safety



When your athletes take the field you want to make sure they’re playing in the safest environment possible. That’s why we’ve identified the three primary points of safety that every field owner, parent, coach, and athlete should know about before designing their new field.

There is one other important point of safety that doesn’t directly deal with the game:

The safety of our planet.

As thousands of artificial turf fields are being replaced each year and more new ones are being built, millions of pounds of plastic and rubber waste are being generated without any recycling solution. Crumb rubber is a microplastic and ends up in our waterways and food. Crumb rubber infill, once hailed as a recycling solution for old tires, is now going to the very landfill it was supposed to avoid. Or worse, the field is rolled up, left in huge piles and “forgotten.”

Brock USA is a company that is focused on both the safety and performance of the athlete, and a healthy future for our planet. Brock PowerBase Shock Pads are the only ones that are Cradle to Cradle Certified, meaning they can be recycled indefinitely. BrockFILL is a purely organic infill grown and processed here in America that can be composted when the field is replaced.

We believe the world cannot afford for us to build artificial fields using components that have no end of life environmental solution, nor ones that don’t provide a safer field for athletes of all ages and abilities. At Brock, our purpose is to provide effective and affordable solutions to these problems.

Please join us.

Dan Sawyer
Founder and CEO

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