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Brock Shock Pads for Europe

Although Brock may be an American company, we have deep roots in the international community. The concept of Brock Shock Pad technology actually began in Europe before moving production to the United States. The European and world markets have been open to the fact that artificial turf fields perform better and are safer for athletes of all ages, in all sports, when they are installed using Brock Shock Pads. International safety standards for artificial turf fields used in soccer, rugby, field hockey and many other sports are driving the integration of shock pads into artificial turf field design. Brock understands the need to appropriately create documentation for each market and we have those documents within our Brock Members Portal.

If you need any assistance please contact the head of our European division, Steve Sawyer, at:

PHONE: +1 310-753-6885

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Brock Research

Find both internal and independent research on fields and athlete safety.


Field Testing

We don’t just work in a lab. We go into the field and test hundreds of fields to validate our assumptions.



Learn what you need to know about this national epidemic.


Sustainable Design

We are “tree huggers” from Colorado and we care about our legacy.


The Next Generation of Sports Surface

Reduce Risk of injuries by putting performance safety layers under the field.

  • The original shock pad system that set all industry standards for artificial turf fields. PowerBase Pro provides the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness for elite athletes and is the only product engineered for NCAA, Pro and elite level players.


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    This is our playground product. 2” thick, and engineered for critical fall heights under playground equipment. For use under artificial turf.


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